Working with Alexandra is fast and easy. I can completely trust her judgement and her professional experience as an editor.

— Iassen Djabirov
Founder of MaxMedia

Working with Adi was very easy and fast! When she called me to see the rough cut of the video I didn't expect it to be everything I wanted... She knew what I wanted before me. Highly recommend her!

Polly Zaharieva —
Project Manager

Adi is an exceptional editor. She manages to combine technical prowess with an intuitive understanding of the look and feel of the project. There were a few moments on the latest edit where I was struggling, but Adi was quick to offer a solution each time. I'm always grateful to her for seeing clearly whenever I was stuck. Adi is a valuable asset for any production. She is skilful and fast, taking away much of the pressure we have in this business.

— Keith Brook
Ex-Director/Cameraman BBC

I like Adi’s work because she is fast, she displays quality results and meets deadlines even when they are very short. She approaches each project with responsibility and devotion. So far during our work together I could always count on her even in the most stressful moments. It’s easy to work with her because she is a professional and achieves serious and meaningful results.

Ilko Ganev —
Freelance Director

Alexandra Apostolova is a wonderful professional. She has a very well developed editor’s way of thinking and it’s very easy to work with her. As an editor of my film “From Here to Where” Alexandra received high praise from the audience for her work. I recommend her as an editor because she achieves quality results.

— Boyana Topchiyska
Freelance Director

Alexandra is currently a student of the Master’s degree program in Film and TV Editing which I’m supervising. She comes from a family of well-known Bulgarian filmmakers. That’s probably where her love for the art of filmmaking and connection to the craft evolved from. She has a deep understanding of film production and a profound knowledge of how to form a coherent story using both the means of the script and the edit.

She possesses a sense of rhythm and has knowledge in the music field. Alexandra is highly thorough, creative and consistent. Her creativity protrudes into different fields of the filmmaking process – writing, directing, editing. She also uses her creativity for problem solving. She possesses patience and a will to acquire new knowledge as well as to widen her skillset.

Her determination, desire for advancement and huge potential lay the foundation of her successful development. Alexandra is responsible towards her colleagues and her assignments. She can work very well with people and is a valuable asset to any creative team. That can be attributed to her outgoing nature which makes her very easy to communicate with. Her temperament is calm and collected and she also has a sense of humor.

She is able to really listen to other people and hear their ideas. That among other qualities makes her a good team leader. Her organizational skills are exceptional. She is fluent in Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid Media Composer and is currently developing her skills in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition and DaVinci Resolve.